The Politics Book

The Politics Book

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Big Ideas Simply Explained

Dorling Kindersley UK, Big Ideas Simply Explained, 2013, 352 Seiten, Format: 19,7x24,1x2,8 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1409364453, EAN: 9781409364450, Bestell-Nr: 40936445UA

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Learning about the vast concept of politics can be daunting, this book makes it easier than ever by giving you all the big ideas, simply explained. It includes more than 100 ideas in the history of politics that are helpfully broken down so that abstract topics, such as theoretical foundations and practical applications become real.


This invaluable, easy-to-understand guide to world politics and government offers an accessible introduction to more than 80 of the most important theories and big ideas of leaders and politicians throughout history.

The Politics Book makes government and politics easy to understand by explaining the big ideas simply, using clear language supported by eye-catching graphics. The key events in political history are outlined from the origins of political thinking by Confucius and Aristotle to modern-day activists such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Helpful mind maps break down their important concepts into bitesize chunks to make the subject accessible to students of politics and anyone with an interest in how government works. A handy reference section also provides a glossary of key terms and a directory of significant political figures.

Filled with thought-provoking quotes from great political thinkers such as Nietzsche, Malcolm X, Karl Marx, and Mao Zedong, The Politics Book gives context to the world of government and power.


Fascinating material, well presented Jon Sutton The Psychologist (Review of The Psychology Book)


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