The Empire of Ashes

The Empire of Ashes

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Book Three of Draconis Memoria

Little, Brown Book Group, Draconis Memoria .3, 2019, 656 Seiten, Format: 12,7x20,1x4 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0356506479, EAN: 9780356506470, Bestell-Nr: 35650647EA

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The Empire of Ashes is the action-packed conclusion to the Draconis Memoria series - an enthralling epic fantasy of magic, adventure and the furious battle to forge an empire, from international bestselling author Anthony Ryan


\'Fabulous . . . Sure to be another fantasy classic\' Huffington Post UK

\'The world Ryan has created for his new dragon adventure is a joy to visualise\' SciFiNow

The White Drake\'s army has cut a bloody swathe across the world, leaving nothing but ash in its wake. Thousands of innocents have died beneath its blades and countless more will surely follow.

Only small-time criminal Claydon Torcreek and master spy Lizanne Lethridge - along with their ragtag band of allies - stand between the white drake\'s fury and the world\'s end.

To save the future, they must delve into the past - and unravel a timeless mystery that might just turn the tide once and for all.

Armies will clash and ancient secrets will be revealed in The Empire of Ashes, the thrilling conclusion to Anthony Ryan\'s Draconis Memoria series.

Praise for the series:

\'A fascinating world packed with dragons, pirates, political machinations and an interesting magic system to boot\' Fantasy Faction

\'A marvellous piece of imagination with plenty of twists, a refreshingly different setting, and excellent world-building\' Mark Lawrence

\'Memorable characters and great action\' Django Wexler

\'Excellent epic fantasy\' BookBag

Books by Anthony Ryan:

The Draconis Memoria
The Waking Fire
The Legion of Flame
The Empire of Ashes

Raven\'s Shadow
Blood Song
Tower Lord
Queen of Fire

Raven\'s Blade
The Wolf\'s Call (coming July 2019)


Ryan skillfully navigates multiple narrators to unveil a world steeped in magic and on the brink of destruction. Both the characters and the setting are irresistible right through to the end Publishers Weekly


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