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European Edition

Macmillan Education, 2014, 598 Seiten, Format: 20,3x25,3x2,5 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1464141770, EAN: 9781464141775, Bestell-Nr: 46414177UA


The new European edition of Mankiw's bestselling and highly readable text communicates the theories and models of macroeconomics in a concise and accessible way, with real-world examples, discussions and case studies. The text is fully updated with extensive coverage of the global financial crisis and in particular its impact on European economies.


Maintains core features that have made Mankiw's Macroeconomics a best-selling text, but includes coverage of issues relevant to the European economy with numerous updated case studies and examples


1. The Science of Macroeconomics.- 2. The Data of Macroeconomics.- 3. National Income: Where It Comes From and Where It Goes.- 4. The Monetary System: What It Is and How It Works.- 5. Inflation: Its Causes, Effects, and Social Costs.- 6. The Open Economy.- 7. Unemployment.- 8. Economic Growth I: Capital Accumulation and Population Growth.- 9. Economic Growth II: Technology, Empirics, and Policy.- 10. Introduction to Economic Fluctuations.- 11. Aggregate Demand I: Building the IS-LM Model.- 12. Aggregate Demand II: Applying the IS-LM Model.- 13. The Open Economy Revisited: The Mundell-Fleming Model and the Exchange-Rate Regime.- 14. Aggregate Supply and the Short-Run Trade-Off Between Inflation and Unemployment.- 15. Stabilization Policy.- 16. Government Debt.- 17. Common Currency Areas and European Economic and Monetary Union.- 18. Consumption.- 19. Investment.- 20. The Financial System: Opportunities and Dangers.


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