Havana: Right Now

Havana: Right Now

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A guide to the usual and unusual. 1 : 5.000

Die Gestalten Verlag, 2017, Format: 11x15x0,2 cm, Artikeltyp: Karte, ISBN-10: 1910023906, EAN: 9781910023907, Bestell-Nr: 91002390UM
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Cuba is beginning to emerge from its long hibernation, once again becoming a popular tourist destination. It remains a Communist country with a highly regulated economy, yet today small businesses such as private restaurants and farmer's markets are beginning to thrive and many of its historic attractions are still open for business. Small and tightly focused, our guides are concise city tours in a handy fold-out format that slips neatly into an intrepid traveler's pocket. Our aim is to introduce readers to new places as well as re-evaluating familiar ones, and we are as keen to find a new way to see the Louvre as we are to discover an untouched 1950s café. Informed by on-the-ground research, our one-sheet guides and maps uncover what makes a city special. They are written and researched in-house, and an illustrator who has been specially chosen for the subject designs each one. Whether it's an excursion into the greener areas of London (more numerous than you might think), Paris's beatnik bookshops, the otherworldly landscape just outside Reykjavik, or the watering holes of Brooklyn, we highlight what makes a place distinctive with our specialist knowledge and illustrations with vintage charm. In A6 format, the guides fit easily into a pocket and then expand out to A3 or A2 to display the attractions of each city. Each fine-quality sheet is litho-printed in England on 100% recycled stock.