Women, Borders, and Violence

Women, Borders, and Violence

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Current Issues in Asylum, Forced Migration, and Trafficking

Springer, Berlin, 2014, 133 Seiten, Format: 15,5x23,5x0,8 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1489988211, EAN: 9781489988218, Bestell-Nr: 48998821UA

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Woman at the Border examines international border policing practices and analyses the way these policies impact women. More ethical strategies are explored, charting new approaches to border management focused on human rights and human security.


Women at the Border analyzes border policing practices currently informed by paradigms of securitization against unauthorized mobility and explores the potential for a paradigm shift to a more ethical regulation of borders. By focusing on the ways women have sought to cross borders in 'extra'-legal fashion, the book shows how border enforcement differentially impacts on some populations and makes the case that unauthorized migration requires management rather than repulsion and criminalization. When facing the emerging and future challenges of unauthorized mobility, border policing must be recast as a function of human rights that results in greater human security at the border. Examining gender and border policing across Europe, North America and Australia, this book enhances our understanding of the gendered determinants of 'extra'-legal border crossing, border policing and the changing dynamics of unauthorized mobility.


Introduction. 1. Cultural, Political and Geographical Context. 2. Women Seeking Asylum. 3. Human Trafficking. 4. Women and Global Labour Mobility. 5. Cultures of Border Policing Agencies. 6. States, the Law and Social Control. Conclusion.


From the reviews:
"Women, Borders, and Violence offers a refreshing approach to the study of migration and gender within the field of criminology. ... Pickering's book focuses on the migration of women within the context of the global economy, in particular, their unregulated labour and their precarious migration status. ... it offers an alternative analytical approach for criminologists writing on issues of gender, migration and borders." (Ratna Kapur, State Crime, Vol. 1.1, 2012)


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