Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests

Tietz Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests

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Saunders, 2016, 1798 Seiten, Format: 15,3x22,9x5 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0721679757, EAN: 9780721679754, Bestell-Nr: 72167975EA

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"Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests" is a recognized and useful reference in the clinical laboratory. Pathologists, clinical chemists, and other laboratory personnel rely on it to check reference ranges, drug inferences, and other factors that influence decision-making for performing detailed follow up tests. This edition maintains the same overall organization and content that has been so useful to clinical users in the past three editions. New material has been added in all areas.


This useful book has been brought right up to date by Dr. Richard McPherson, Chairman of the Department of Pathology at the Medical College of Virginia. The same overall organization and content that clinical users have found so helpful over the past three editions has been updated, with new content being added to all areas.
New information in this edition includes:
SECTION I: General Clinical Tests
More on amino acids and cardiovascular disease risk assessment in adults
Blood grouping and identification of red cell antibodies with specific antigens and procedures
The addition of bromide to the Electrolytes section
Updated information on the clinical utility of existing Endocrinology tests
Significant expansion in Hemostasis, including many new assays in thrombophilia and other areas
In the Immunology section, there are many new essays in cellular immunity, flow cytometry, and autoimmunity
Many more new drugs and methods under Interferences
In the section on Tumor Markers, there is added information about the FDA's new approval policy
NEW topic: Geriatric Laboratory Testing
- SECTION II: Molecular Pathology
This section has been expanded significantly to reflect the experiences laboratories have had with new DNA tests implemented over the last five years, especially in the areas of infectious diseases and identity testing.
- SECTION III: Therapeutic Drugs
Several newly introduced drugs have been added to this section.
- SECTION IV: Microbiology
General updates to match the advances in research and practice.


Section 1 Preanalytical aspects New!
Section 2 General Clinical Tests
Section 3 Molecular Diagnostics
Section 4 Therapeutic Drugs and Drugs of Abuse
Section 5 Clinical Microbiology
Section 6 Immunophenotyping Markers New!
Section 7 Pharmacogenomics New!
Section 8 Allergy Testing New!
Test Index
Disease Index


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