The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails

The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails

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50 Creative Recipes for Combining Beer and Booze

Ingram Publisher ServicesBooks, 2018, 136 Seiten, Format: 16,2x21x1,6 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1510729216, EAN: 9781510729216, Bestell-Nr: 51072921UA

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"These two are a fierce, combined font of cocktail knowledge." - The Skillery

Learn how to tastefully mix liquor into your beer-or beer into your liquor!

Written by Jon and Lindsay Yeager, the renowned husband-and-wife mixologist duo of the Tennessee cocktail creative PourTaste, this book provides a variety of innovative and experimental recipes for mixing beers and spirits together (yes, you read that right) so you can join in on the imaginative new trend of "beertails."

The experts at PourTaste, with their years of training and dedication to the art of mixology, teach readers how to combine the beauty (and bubbles) of beer and the spirit of spirits to create refreshing new additions to any bartender's repertoire. Included through this book are lush full-color photographs and step-by-step recipes to help educate readers on how to sling these delicious (and welcome) new members of the mixology scene. Beertails are easy to make, they taste great, and they accommodate any type of drinker-whether the preference is beer or liquor. Perfect for any type of celebration!

Let your guests experience these exciting new tastes and flavors with the recipes provided in The Ultimate Guide to Beer Cocktails . Just be sure to save yourself a sip or two!


"These two are a fierce, combined font of cocktail knowledge." - The Skillery

"Forget Angostura. Or all right, at least make room for some of PourTaste's E Harlow magnolia bitters!" - Garden and Gun


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