The Changing Faces of Childhood Cancer

The Changing Faces of Childhood Cancer

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Clinical and Cultural Visions since 1940

Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Science, Technology and Medicine in Modern History, 2015, 236 Seiten, Format: 13,9x21,5x1,3 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1349541850, EAN: 9781349541850, Bestell-Nr: 34954185UA

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This book traces the development of British answers to the problem of childhood cancer. The establishment of the NHS and better training for paediatricians, meant children were given access to experimental chemotherapy, sending cure rates soaring. Children with cancer were thrust into the spotlight as individuals' stories of hope hit the headlines.


Introduction 1. Childhood Cancer, a Disease Apart 2. The Rise of Childhood Leukaemia 3. Working with Larger Numbers - the Development of Large-Scale Clinical Trials 4. Cancer Microbes, the Tumour Safari, and Chemical Cures 5. Making the News and the Need for Hope 6. A New Breed of Doctor 7. Living with Uncertainty - Three Patients on Trial 8. Experiences of Survivorship Conclusion


"This is an interesting and informative book on the development of child cancer services in Great Britain from 1940. ... The book details many facts, details, and narratives that will be of use to researchers in the area. ... In summary, the book is a valuable narrative addition to the important subject of the changing nature and perception of childhood cancer." (Jonathan Gillis, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol. 90 (1), Spring, 2016)


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