The Aeronauts

The Aeronauts

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Travels in the Air. Basis for the Major Motion Picture

Melville House, 2019, 128 Seiten, Format: 13,1x20,4x1,1 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1911545477, EAN: 9781911545477, Bestell-Nr: 91154547UA

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The Aeronauts is the true story behind the forthcoming Major Motion Picture, telling the daring life and death escapades of pioneering Victorian balloonist James Glaisher.


In 1862, ambitious scientist James Glaisher set out to do the impossible: ascend higher into the skies than ever before. A pioneer of weather forecasting and of photography, he wanted to take ground-breaking research measurements from different altitudes. Before aeroplanes, the only unpredictable available method of air transportation was the hot air balloon. This is his memoir, detailing death-defying air ballon journeys in his own words. Soon to be a movie starring Eddie Redmayne as Glaisher.