Six Sigma+Lean Toolset

Six Sigma+Lean Toolset

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Mindset for Successful Implementation of Improvement Projects

Springer, Berlin, Management for Professionals, 2013, 400 Seiten, Format: 16x24,2x2,9 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 3642358810, EAN: 9783642358814, Bestell-Nr: 64235881A
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Reflecting 15 years of practical experience with the Six Sigma+Lean toolbox, the second edition of this book uses questions to guide the reader to the tools necessary for project work and running workshops when improving processes. Includes examples and tips.


The current, second edition of this book reflects the 15 years of practical experience with the Six Sigma+Lean toolbox. It is a comprehensive collection of all the tools necessary for project work and running workshops when improving processes. All tools have been illustrated in a clear and comprehensible structure with examples and tips for applying the tools included. The chronology corresponds to the procedure of an improvement project comprising the steps D(efine), M(easure), A(nalyze), I(mprove) and C(ontrol).
The most important innovation of this edition is the fact that it guides the user to select the appropriate tool using questions. The paradigm change from a Toolset to a Mindset has proven worthwhile in project work and ensures that corporate problems are addressed with the goal of achieving efficient solutions rather than having a large quantity of perfect tools to choose from. The efficiency factor of work in projects and workshops will therefore improve significantly.
Through this paradigm change, connected with its unique structure , this book provides an effective tool not only for project and workshop leaders but also for the executives/sponsors involved who will be guided to solve the given task formulation quickly and in a sustainable way.


Introduction.- DEFINE - What is the Problem?.- MEASURE - How Big is the Problem?.- ANALYZE - What are the Root Causes of the Problem?.- IMPROVE - What are the Solutions for Eliminating the Causes?.-CONTROL - How can the Improvement's Sustainability be Ensured?


"The Six Sigma + Lean Toolset brings together the principles of Lean and Six Sigma in one single volume in a clear understandable format. This title has everything you need to know as a practitioner in one book. The book is both a practical and theoretical. ... this book will suit those wishing to learn about Six Sigma and Lean as a beginner or a seasoned expert, this book will assist you in your Six Sigma and Lean efforts." (Inside Business, Vol. 3 (5), June, 2015)

"This book is a very good tool for the student interested in the contents of Six Sigma model. ... If you are interested in Six Sigma or interested in implementing these techniques in your project this is the right book for you it is very well written with several supporting examples which makes the reading very pleasant. I really recommend this book for your bookshelf." (Inspire and Action Blog,, January, 2014)

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