Sensation and Perception

Sensation and Perception

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Cengage Learning EMEA, 2016, 496 Seiten, Format: 23,4x28,4x2,2 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 130558029X, EAN: 9781305580299, Bestell-Nr: 30558029UA


This book tells the amazing story of perception -- how experiences are created by your senses and how you use these experiences to interact with the environment. You might be surprised to know that although perception is easy -- we see, hear, feel touch, and experience taste and smell without much effort -- the mechanisms that create perceptions are both extremely complex and hidden from our view. SENSATION AND PERCEPTION unravels these complexities by taking you on a journey that describes perceptual research in a clear easy-to-understand way, and by linking the results of this research to your everyday experience. The text is supported by beautiful color illustrations, a media program that makes perception come alive (in the MindTap digital learning solution), and learning aids to help you understand and remember what you have read.


1. Introduction to Perception. 2. The Beginnings of the Perceptual Process. 3. Neural Processing 4. Cortical Organization. 5. Perceiving Objects and Scenes. 6. Visual Attention. 7. Taking Action. 8. Perceiving Motion. 9. Perceiving Color. 10. Perceiving Depth and Size. 11. Hearing I: Basic Processes and Pitch Perception. 12. Hearing II: Localization and Organization. 13. Speech Perception. 14. The Cutaneous Senses. 15. The Chemical Senses. Appendix A: Methods of Adjustment and Constant Stimuli. Appendix B: The Difference Threshold. Appendix C: Magnitude Estimation and The Power Function. Appendix D: The Signal Detection Approach.


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