Reproductive Health and Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults

Reproductive Health and Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults

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Springer Netherlands, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology .732, 2016, 220 Seiten, Format: 17,8x25,4x1,2 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 9401779104, EAN: 9789401779104, Bestell-Nr: 40177910DA


This fast-moving field is witnessing a rise in the number of cancer survivors. This book addresses their quality-of-life needs as well as covering a broad array of reproductive health issues, with each chapter written by a recognized expert in the field.


Reproductive medicine is a growing field with new technology emerging faster than we can assess consumer's perceptions of -the number of cancer survivors are growing and there is a great need to attend to their quality of life-this book addresses the needs of males and females, identifies effective communication strategies and proactive measures for health care professionals and researchers to use as well as identifying gaps in the literature where more research is needed.


Forward.-Acknowledgements.-Introduction.-1. Principles of Cancer Treatment: Impact on Reproduction.-2. Fertility Preservation Options for Females.-3. Fertility Preservation Options for Males.-4. Contraception During Cancer Treatment in Young Persons.-5. Sexual Health During Cancer Treatment.-6. The Exceptional Needs of Breast Cancer Patients.-7. Pregnancy and Cancer.-8. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Hereditary Cancers.-9. Non-Traditional Family Building Options.-10. Parenting with Cancer I: Developmental Perspective, Communication, and Coping.-11. Parenting with Cancer II: Parenting at Different Stages of Illness.- 12. Pediatric Patients and Reproductive Health.- 13. Institutional Approaches to Implementing Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients.- 14. Patient Provider Communication and Reproductive Health.- 15. Ethical Issues in Fertility.-1 6. Legal Issues Associated with Fertility Preservation.- Appendix.Table 2: Assisted Reproductive Technologies estimated cost. Table 3: Fertility Preservation Options for Females. Table 4: Fertility Preservation Options for Males. Index