Rebuilding the Famous Ford Flathead

Rebuilding the Famous Ford Flathead

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Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for restoring Henry's finest - the Ford V8 Flathead engine. Coves all models made from 1932 through 1953!

McGraw-Hill Professional, 2013, 140 Seiten, Format: 11,8x19,8x1 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0830620664, EAN: 9780830620661, Bestell-Nr: 83062066EA

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Covers the 1932 to 1953 Ford V8. Chapters include: Ford Flathead through the Years; Initial Disassembly; Short Block Disassembly; Inspection and Machining; Oiling System; Cooling System; Fuel System; Distributors; Electrical System; Engine Reassembly; Engine Start-up and Break-in; Troubleshooting Your Flathead; and Flathead Wrap-up. Pub. 1981.


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