RHS Royal Horticultural Society Pests & Diseases

RHS Royal Horticultural Society Pests & Diseases

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Plant-by-Plant Advice. Keep your produce and plants healthy

Dorling Kindersley UK, 2018, 224 Seiten, Format: 20,1x26,2x1,9 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0241315603, EAN: 9780241315606, Bestell-Nr: 24131560EA

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Have you got a plant with a problem and don't know how to fix it? This unrivalled practical reference is all you need to nurse it back to health.
Drawing on the expertise and authority of the RHS, RHS Pests and Diseases has been carefully conceived to help you make a correct diagnosis and find the most effective cure. This brand new edition includes helpful new entries detailing how to cope with the latest prevalent problems, and how to adhere to current best practice and new legislation on chemical control. Look up possible ailments in the plant-by-plant listings; make a visual identification from the extensive gallery of symptoms; then follow detailed advice in the A-Z directory to remedy the issue. With a focus on growing for food and an emphasis on organic solutions, RHS Pests and Diseases will help your garden stay productive, attractive, and in the best of health.


An invaluable quick reference guide to pretty much any garden pest or disease you're likely to encounter and how to deal with it. Waitrose Weekend


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