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European Edition

Macmillan Education, 2015, 848 Seiten, Format: 21,8x27,6x4,5 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1137406747, EAN: 9781137406743, Bestell-Nr: 13740674UA

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Renowned for its exuberant writing style, intriguing real life examples and cutting-edge research, this best-selling text is back with additional coverage of social psychology, emphasis on the practical applications of the discipline to students' lives, and engaging new 'psychomythology' features which pit science against commonly held beliefs.


This globally-focused and renowned textbook spans the entire discipline of psychology - from the fundamental principles of psychology as a science, to more nuanced approaches in core disciplines such as cognitive, developmental, social and personality psychology. Woven together with engaging features, research boxes and activities that will help students to both think like a scientist and stretch their imagination.

In-depth and yet written with irresistible enthusiasm and humour by a world-renowned team of psychologists and researchers, this book is a complete course companion for all undergraduate psychology students. It is both engaging and yet scientifically sound and theoretically rigorous. The only book students need as they begin their study of psychology.


1. Psychology: the evolution of a science.- 2. The methods of psychology .- 3. Neuroscience and behaviour .- 4. Sensation and perception.- 5. Memory.- 6. Learning.- 7. Language and thought.- 8. Consciousness.- 9. Intelligence.- 10. Emotion and motivation.- 11. Cognitive development.- 12. Social development.- 13. Personality.- 14. Social relationships.- 15. Social groups.- 16. Psychological disorders.- 17. Mental health.


'A joy to read - the writing style, the examples, and the issues are all spot on. Perfect for a first year course in psychology.'
-Zoltan Dienes, University of Sussex, UK

'I must say, I like this book a lot. It is clear and concise, and presents classic material alongside cutting edge developments in the field. The structure is very good and it is funny too!'
-Åse Innes-Ker, University of Lund, Sweden

'A fantastic combination of real-world examples, accessible writing and academically credible presentation. The authors have done a great job - the writing drew me into topics and I read up on current developments with interest. This textbook has been very well adapted for a UK and European audience.'
-Rachel Taylor, University of Glamorgan, UK

'The mindbugs approach appeals to me very much because it sets the ecological relevance of a particular theoretical issue. This is a well-written, humorous and accessible textbook.'
-Derek Smith, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, UK'The clarity, level of language and quality of the explanations would fit my student audience perfectly. It is an accessible and engaging textbook with a great style and nice touches of humour. The historical context really appeals to me and fits my style of teaching.'
-Pascal Wilhelm, University of Twente, Netherlands

"I love the companion website, and I'm using a lot of the materials for seminar activities or as suggestions for self-managed learning" - Janice Brown, London South Bank University, UK


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