Multiple Choice Questions in Regional Anaesthesia

Multiple Choice Questions in Regional Anaesthesia

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Springer, Berlin, 2012, 215 Seiten, Format: 21,2x27,9x1,1 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 364231256X, EAN: 9783642312564, Bestell-Nr: 64231256A
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Formatted for ease of use, this first publication on multiple choice questions in regional anaesthesia includes informative scans and diagrams and is a complete resource for ESRA and FRCA exams as well as preparing students for US and Canadian equivalents.


Interest in regional anaesthesia has been flourishing for a number of reasons, including in particular the feasibility of ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks. This trend is reflected in the growing popularity of fellowships in regional anaesthesia. The syllabus for such fellowship examinations is vast, and the current book aims to provide suitable guidance by presenting typical multiple choice questions with accompanying answers, in detail when necessary. The entire syllabus is covered in four sections that address basic principles and equipment, peripheral nerve blocks, central neuraxial blocks, and regional anaesthesia and acute pain. This book will be especially useful for those preparing for European Society of Regional Anaesthesia diploma examinations or for the regional anaesthesia component of FRCA examinations. It is also highly relevant to equivalent U.S. and Canadian examinations and will be helpful to all who require a self-assessment tool in the subject.


Principles: Benefits and Complications of Regional Anaesthesia.- Equipment and Usage of Ultrasound.- Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetic Drug.
Peripheral Nerve Block: The Upper Extremity.- The Lower Extremity.- Abdomen and Thorax.- Ophthalmic Regional Anaesthesia.- Head, Neck and Airway.
Central Neuraxial Blocks: Anatomy and Sonoanatomy.- Techniques.- Complications of the Procedures.

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