IT Strategy for Non-IT Managers

IT Strategy for Non-IT Managers

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Becoming an Engaged Contributor to Corporate IT Decisions

MIT Press, 2017, 280 Seiten, Format: 17,9x22,9x0,9 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0262534150, EAN: 9780262534154, Bestell-Nr: 26253415EA


Firms spend more on information technology (IT) than on all other capital assets combined. And yet despite this significant cash outlay, businesses often end up with IT that is uneconomical and strategically feeble. What is missing in many organizations' IT strategy is the business acumen of managers from non-IT departments. This book presents tools for non-IT managers to turn IT from an expensive liability into a cost-effective competitive tool. It equips readers with the concepts and analytical skills necessary to understand IT needs and opportunities from both sides of the business-IT divide.


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