Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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Theory and Practice

Springer, Berlin, 2017, 688 Seiten, Format: 19x24,6x3,4 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1137572590, EAN: 9781137572592, Bestell-Nr: 13757259UA

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The latest offering of the popular textbook from respected author team of John Bratton and Jeff Gold. Authoritatively and expertly written, the sixth edition builds on the enduring strengths of this well-established book, with important updates and revisions to bring it in line with the ever-changing business world.
While exploring the practical implementation of human resource management, the book also exposes and confronts the debates and tensions inherent in the employment relationship, encouraging the reader to reflect critically on the realities of contemporary HRM. The myriad of different theories underpinning human resource management are discussed as well as their impact on organizations, managers and workers.
The new edition will continue to be a core textbook for HRM modules on undergraduate business and management degree courses, and may also be used on some postgraduate and MBA courses.


PART ONE: THE CONTEMPORARY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ARENA .- 1. The nature of contemporary HRM.- 2. Corporate strategy and strategic HRM.- 3. HRM outcomes and line management.- PART TWO: EMPLOYEE RESOURCING .- 4. Workforce planning and diversity.- 5. Recruitment and selection.- PART THREE: EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE AND DEVELOPMENT .- 6. Performance management and appraisal.- 7. Learning and human resource development.- PART FOUR: THE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP .- 8. Rewards and inequality.- 9. Labour relations and collective bargaining.- 10. Employee relations and voice.- PART FIVE: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES: HRM IN A GLOBAL WORLD .- 11. HRM and ethics.- 12. Employee health, safety and wellness.- 13. HRM and high performance workplaces.- 14. Leadership and management development.- 15. HRM and organizational culture.- 16. Green HRM and environmental sustainability.- 17. International HRM and global capitalism.


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