Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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A Global and Critical Perspective

Springer, Berlin, 2017, 426 Seiten, Format: 18,2x24,5x2,6 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1137521627, EAN: 9781137521620, Bestell-Nr: 13752162UA

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The fully revised and updated second edition of this core textbook builds on the previous edition's success to bring an even sharper exploration of HRM in a real-world global context. With a critical approach that is woven into the chapters and encourages students to question assumptions in HRM, there is a consistent focus on the impact of globalization, the ways in which theory has addressed the implications of a globalized workforce, and the way HRM works in multinational corporations. Boasting a truly global orientation, this textbook draws on the expert knowledge of chapter authors from around the world, combining international case studies with a strong offering of pedagogical features. While adopting a rigorous academic approach, the book is also designed to engage students and elicit independent thought.
This is an ideal core textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying on general business and management degrees, specialist HRM degrees, and internationalbusiness degrees. In addition, this an important supplementary text for International HRM modules and HRM modules on MBA programmes.


PART ONE- THE HRM ARENA.- Chapter 1 - Context-Specific Human Resource Management.- Chapter 2 - A Critical Perspective on Strategic Human Resource Management.- PART TWO - HRM IN PRACTICE.- Chapter 3 - HRM in MNCs.- Chapter 4 - Diversity Management in a Global Context.- Chapter 5 - HRM, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.- Chapter 6 - Human Resource Planning.- Chapter 7 - Job and Work Design.- Chapter 8 - Recruitment and Selection.- Chapter 9 - Performance Management.- Chapter 10 - Reward Management.- Chapter 11 - Training, Development and Learning.- PART THREE - CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN HRM.- Chapter 12 - Talent Management.- Chapter 13 - International Assignments.- Chapter 14 - HRM, Productivity and Employee Involvement.- Chapter 15 - Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century.- Chapter 16 - Managing Global and Migrant Workers.- Chapter 17 - Sustainable HRM.


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