How to Succeed at Assessment Centres

How to Succeed at Assessment Centres

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Springer, Berlin, Palgrave Career Skills, 2015, 280 Seiten, Format: 14,1x21,6x1,4 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1137469315, EAN: 9781137469311, Bestell-Nr: 13746931UA

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Many employers now invite candidates to an assessment day. This book guides you through each step of the process, from getting selected and preparing for psychometric tests to group exercises and interviews. Featuring practical exercises and advice from both employers and graduates, it\'s an invaluable resource for opening the door to your career.


This book is a fast-track course on how to perform convincingly and impressively for assessment centres and in-depth interviews. It guides students through the process from making the shortlist and preparing for psychometric tests through to delivering dynamic presentations and demonstrating your teamwork and leadership potential. Combining insights from employers who run assessment centres with the stories of graduates who have experienced them, it includes opportunities for students to try their hand at authentic assessment centre activities, build their knowledge of current recruitment methods and develop strategies for success.

Packed with helpful advice and handy hints, this is an essential companion for all students preparing for assessment centres and interviews as part of the graduate recruitment process. It is also an ideal resource for students and staff on career and employability-related modules.


Foreword.- 1. The Employer Perspective.- 2. Getting Selected.- 3. Psychometric and Assessment Day Tests.- 4. Numerical Ability Assessments.- 5. Verbal Reasoning Assessments.- 6. Observation by Assessors.- 7. Assessment Day Group Exercises.- 8. Assessment Day Other Activities.- 9. Presentations Prepared or Unprepared.- 10. The Interview Questions.- 11. Interview Preparation.- 12. Peak Performance.- Notes.- Index.


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