Forbidden Lines, Spectroscopic Study for Supernova Remnants (SNR)

Forbidden Lines, Spectroscopic Study for Supernova Remnants (SNR)

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Scholar's Press, 2015, 112 Seiten, Format: 22 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 3639859413, EAN: 9783639859416, Bestell-Nr: 63985941A


This study by depending on theoretical models, forbidden lines and spectroscopic properties of some of diatomic molecules in SN2010jl ejecta. Also concerns with potential energy function, dissociation energy and Franck Codon Factor.Spectroscopic studies of diatomic molecules are useful in such fields as astrophysics, astronomy and combustion physics. Most of the molecules we know are in the atmosphere of the cool stars where they exist in sufficient numbers to make their band spectrum to observe. Spectroscopy happens to be the most versatile remote sensing tool of astronomers. Spectroscopic investigations have revealed the existence of SiO in various astrophysical sources, such as supernova ejecta.


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