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Exploring the 'Socio' of Socio-Legal Studies

Exploring the 'Socio' of Socio-Legal Studies

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Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Socio-Legal Studies, 2013, 307 Seiten, Format: 16,3x23,3x2,3 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 023033718X, EAN: 9780230337183, Bestell-Nr: 23033718EA


In this insightful collection, a broad range of scholars analyzes a core issue for socio-legal studies, what is understood by the \'socio\' of the \'socio-legal\'. Drawing from legal theory, cultural studies, and social policy, the collection\'s wide scope of themes and topics provides an important stock-take and analysis of the socio-legal field.


1. Exploring the \'Socio\' of Socio-Legal Studies; Dermot Feenan.- 2. What Makes a Social Science of Law? Doubling the Social in Socio-Legal Studies; Susan S. Silbey.- 3. The Contested Social; John Clarke.- 4. Law, Ethics and Socio-history: The Case of Freedom; Alan Norrie.- 5. De Lege Ferenda: What is the \'Socio\' of Legal Reasoning?; Panu Minkkinen.- 6. Reimagining the Humanities: Socio-Legal Scholarship in an Age of Disenhancement; Julia J.A. Shaw .- 7. Transnational Legal Processes and the (Re)construction of the \'Social: The Case of Human Trafficking; David Nelken.- 8. Addressing a \'Globalised Social\': Mobilization of Law in Global Networks with Reference to Biofuel Production in Indonesia; Jacqueline Vel and Adriaan Bedner.- 9. Social Practice and Socio-Legal Studies; Hilary Sommerlad.- 10. The Gendered \'Socio\' of Socio-Legal Studies; Rosemary Hunter.- 11. Queer Sociality; Sally R. Munt.- 12. Bringing Society to Law: A Critically Raced Accounting; Francisco Valdes.- 13. From Responsible Saver to Stewarded Investor?; Sally Wheeler.


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