Ex-Combatants, Religion, and Peace in Northern Ireland

Ex-Combatants, Religion, and Peace in Northern Ireland

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The Role of Religion in Transitional Justice

Springer Palgrave Macmillan, Palgrave Studies in Compromise after Conflict, 2013, 192 Seiten, Format: 13,9x21,5x1,1 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 134945270X, EAN: 9781349452705, Bestell-Nr: 34945270UA


Studies of Northern Ireland's ex-combatants ignore religion, while advocates of religious interventions in transitional justice exaggerate its influence. Using interview data with ex-combatants, this book explores religious influences upon violence and peace, and develops a model for evaluating the role of religion in transitional justice.


Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Religion and the Northern Ireland Conflict The Personal Faith of Ex-combatants Religion and Motivations for Violence Religion and Prison Ex-combatants and the Churches Perspectives on the Past: Religion in the Personal and the Political Conclusion Religion and Transitional Justice in Northern Ireland Bibliography


"This book is the first of its kind. There will no doubt be further studies and publications on the subject in the future but this important and much needed text will prove to be the reference point concerning religion and ex-combatants in Northern Ireland for students and academics for many years to come."

- Dave Magee Blog

"[This book's] main conclusions deserve to be widely disseminated and discussed."

- Dr Gladys Ganiel, Trinity College Dublin

"Based on 29 in-depth interviews with loyalists (part of the Protestant/unionist community) and republicans (part of the Catholic/nationalist community), this is the first major book to analyse the religious beliefs and practices of those who

engaged in violence, including their perceptions of how religion influenced them." - Marginalia


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