Electronic Music

Electronic Music

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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Introductions to Music, 2013, 238 Seiten, Format: 17,2x24,6x2 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 1107648173, EAN: 9781107648173, Bestell-Nr: 10764817UA

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This accessible Introduction explores both mainstream and experimental electronic music and includes many suggestions for further reading and listening.


This accessible Introduction explores both mainstream and experimental manifestations of electronic music. From early recording equipment to the most recent multimedia performances, the history of electronic music is full of interesting characters, fascinating and unusual music, and radical technology. Covering many different eras, genres and media, analyses of works appear alongside critical discussion of central ideas and themes, making this an essential guide for anyone approaching the subject for the first time. Chapters include key topics from synth pop to sound art, from electronic dance music to electrical instruments, and from the expression of pure sound to audiovisuals. Highly illustrated and with a wide selection of examples, the book provides many suggestions for further reading and listening to encourage students to begin their own experiments in this exciting field.


1. Introduction; 2. Recording technologies and music; 3. New sounds and new instruments: electronic music up until 1948; 4. The post-war sonic boom; 5. From analog to digital; 6. Into the mainstream; 7. Synth pop; 8. Electronic dance music; 9. Continuing the classical?; 10. Experimental electronica; 11. Sound art; 12. Further connections; 13. Live electronic music; 14. Conclusions.


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