Contemporary Financial Intermediation

Contemporary Financial Intermediation

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Academic Press, 2015, 490 Seiten, Format: 22,2x28,3x2,7 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0124051960, EAN: 9780124051966, Bestell-Nr: 12405196EA


In Contemporary Financial Intermediation, Third Edition , Greenbaum, Thakor and Boot offer a distinctive approach to financial markets and institutions, presenting an integrated portrait that puts information at the core.

Instead of simply naming and describing markets, regulations, and institutions as competing books do, the authors explore the endless subtlety and plasticity of financial institutions and credit markets.

This edition has six new chapters and increased, enhanced pedagogical supplements. The book is ideal for anyone working in the financial sector, presenting professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the reasons why markets, institutions, and regulators act as they do. Readers will find an unmatched, thorough discussion of the world's financial markets and how they function.

Provides a distinctive and thought-provoking approach to the world's financial markets
Explores the endless subtleties and plasticity of financial institutions and credit markets
Newly revised, with six new chapters and increased pedagogical supplements
Presents anyone working in the financial markets and sector with a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of world markets


1 Basic Concepts

2 The Nature and Variety of Financial Intermediation

3 The What, How and Why of Financial Intermediaries

4 Bank Risks

5 Interest Rate Risk

6 Liquidity Risk

7 Spot Lending and Credit Risk

8 Further Issues in Bank Lending

9 Special Topics in Credit: Syndicated Loans, Loan Sales, and Project Finance

10 Off-Balance Sheet Banking and Contingent Claims Products

11 Securitization

12 The Deposit Contract, Deposit Insurance, and Shadow Banking

13 Bank Capital Structure

14 The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis and Other Financial Crises

15 Objectives of Bank Regulation

16 Milestones in Banking Legislation and Regulatory Reform

17 The Evolution of Banks and Markets and the Role of Financial Innovation

18 The Future


"Since its first edition, Greenbaum, Thakor and Boot has become the standard textbook on financial intermediation, a sector 'contemporary as never before.' This revised edition nicely reflects the renewed and necessary attention given to the sector." --Steven Ongena, University of Zurich

"Contemporary Financial Intermediation provides a unified framework for understanding the role of present day financial intermediaries, their contribution to society, the risks they face, financial crises, and the role of financial regulation. A valuable book for students interested in learning about financial markets and institutions, and how the global landscape has changed." --Ravi Jagannathan, Northwestern University


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