China's Electricity Sector

China's Electricity Sector

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Springer, Berlin, 2019, 166 Seiten, Format: 14,8x21x1 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 9811340889, EAN: 9789811340888, Bestell-Nr: 81134088DA


This book provides a concise introduction to China\'s electricity sector, suitable for university students and business analysts. It is business focused, combining an introduction from an established regional electricity consultancy with five academic chapters covering governance, market stakeholders and reform, wind and solar power, environmental regulation, and developments in financing. It is written in an accessible but rigorous style for people with limited knowledge of the topic, with minimal jargon but full referencing throughout the academic chapters. Each academic chapter starts with a summary and three key points to guide the reader\'s understanding.


Part I 1. China\'s Power Sector Part II 2. Governance of the Electricity Sector 3. Mapping China\'s Power Sector Under Market Reform 4. Wind and Solar Power in China 5. Environmental Regulation.- 6. Financing China\'s Electricity Sector Part III 7. The Last Word: Chinese Exceptionalism