Cancer and the LGBT Community

Cancer and the LGBT Community

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Unique Perspectives from Risk to Survivorship

Springer, Berlin, 2016, 331 Seiten, Format: 15,5x23,5x1,8 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 3319349368, EAN: 9783319349367, Bestell-Nr: 31934936A


This book covers the scope of current knowledge of cancer in the LGBT community across the entire cancer continuum, from understanding risk and prevention strategies in LGBT groups, across issues of diagnosis and treatment of LGBT patients, to unique aspects of survivorship and death and dying in these communities. Each chapter includes an in depth analysis of the state of the science, discusses the many remaining challenges and unanswered questions and makes recommendations for research, policy and programmatic strategies required to address these. Focus is also placed on the diversity of the LGBT communities.

Issues that are unique to cancer in LGBT populations are addressed including the social, economic and cultural factors that affect cancer risk behaviors, barriers to screening, utilization of health care services, and legislation that directly impacts the health care of LGBT patients, healthcare settings that are heterosexist and unique aspects of patient-provider relationships such as disclosure of sexual orientation and the need for inclusion of expanded definition of family to include families of choice.

The implications of policy change, its impact on healthcare for LGBT patients are highlighted, as are the remaining challenges that need to be addressed. A roadmap for LGBT cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, survivorship, including treatment and end of life care is offered for future researchers, policy makers, advocates and health care providers.




PART I: Understanding and Reducing the Risk for Cancer

1. Risk for Cancer in Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Men via Infection

2. Understanding and Reducing Risks via Infection in LBT Women

3. Addressing Behavioral Cancer Risks from a LGBT Health Equity Perspective

4. Smoking in the LGBT Community

PART II: Screening for Cancer in LGBT populations

5. Cancer screening in Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Trans Men

6. Cancer screening in Gay and Bisexual Men and Transgender People

PART III: Cancer Survivorship

7. What are the numbers? Epidemiology of Cancer in the LGBT community

8. Breast Cancer in Lesbian and Bisexual Women

9. Gay Men and Prostate Cancer: Opportunities To Improve HRQOL and Access To Care

10. HIV-Associated Cancers

11. Provider-Patient Issues for the LGBT Cancer Patient

12. Needs of LGBT Cancer Survivors

13. Challenges and Recommended Solutions for Receiving Appropriate End-Of-Life-Care for Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Patients Diagnosed with Cancer with a Life-Limiting Prognosis

PART IV: Cancer at the Intersection

14. Cancer Care needs of Transgender, Transsexual, and other Gender Nonconforming Populations

15. The Needs of Racial/Ethnic LGBT Individuals across the Cancer Care Continuum

PART V: Healthcare Policy and LGBT Health

16. Policy and its Impact on LGBT Cancer

17. Current policy and research on cancer in LGBT communities internationally

18. The Challenges Remain: Needed Next Steps in Alleviating the Burden of Cancer in the LGBT Community




"This book addresses the inadequacy of care of cancer patients among the LGBT community and discusses the challenges that need to be addressed. ... The audience includes practitioners addressing needs of this community, including common concerns and treating and screening suggestions. The book is also aimed at policy makers and advocates." (Jessica C. Baxter, Doody's Book Reviews, September, 2015)


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