An Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology

An Introduction to Cardiovascular Physiology

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Hodder Education, 2010, 384 Seiten, Format: 19,5x26,4x2 cm, Artikeltyp: Englisches Buch, ISBN-10: 0340942045, EAN: 9780340942048, Bestell-Nr: 34094204EA

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A good understanding of cardiovascular physiology is fundamental to understanding cardiovascular disease, exercise performance and many other aspects of human physiology. The substantially revised, updated fifth edition of this well-respected textbook offers all the information needed by students and medical examination candidates, in a clear, logical and well-illustrated manner, with many useful line diagrams and tables that support the text and provide proof of concepts.The book provides a comprehensive but accessible account of this complex subject, from the fundamentals of how the cardiovascular system works in both health and disease, through to more difficult menchanisms and pathways. The Learning Objectives, Overview and Summary sections are helpful for checking understanding. The edition has been thoroughly revised and brought fully up to date, while retaining the successful approach and features of the fourth edition of this popular textbook.


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