German Verb Tenses

German Verb Tenses

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With 200 Exercises + Free Flashcard App

McGraw-Hill Professional, Practice Makes Perfect, 2013, 320 Seiten, Format: 21,5x27,4x1,9 cm, ISBN-10: 0071805095, ISBN-13: 9780071805094, Bestell-Nr: 07180509EA

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Go Beyond Conjugation and Learn the Correct Verb Tenses for Speaking and Writing in German

If you're looking for help memorizing German verbconjugations, any German verb book will do. But if you are interested in becoming fl uent, you'll need to learn how these building blocks are used in everyday, natural language. That's where Practice Makes Perfect: German Verb Tenses comes in.

You will, of course, get plenty of practice, practice,practice using your new verb selection and conjugation skills. Whether you are learning on your own or taking a beginning German class, Practice Makes Perfect: German Verb Tenses will help you master German in no time at all.

Practice Makes Perfect: German Verb Tenses will help you:

Learn when and why to use different verb tenses
Reinforce your knowledge with everyday examples covering a wide range of topics
Build your verb skills using more than 200 engaging exercises


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